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Plexus Energy B.V.

Our Mission:
Is it possible to fulfil corporate social responsibility when operating a biogas plant? And beside that producing no red figures!

Yes....  If....

  • nobody puts food in the fermenters, and agricultural products are sold again on the open markets.
  • energy is generated from biogenic residues, produced as a by-product from the agriculture or livestock farming.

Our Vision:
The majority of the biogas plant needs food products to generate energy (maize, beets, etc).
Many people in the world are starving; Meanwhile thousands of ha of agricultural land are used for energy production.

Plexus Energy offers a concept in which existing biogas plants are repowered to plants who work exclusively on biogenic residues.

In the Plexus Concept, the use of food products is absolutely unnecessary.

Your partner in Green Earth Bio Energy
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