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Plexus Energy B.V.

Plexus Energy B.V. is working on a project basisand offers the following services for the benefit of your existing biogas plant:

  • Quick-scan of the current biogas plantAt this stage we are determining how repowering might be interesting for your plant.
  • Project proposition; A proposal how repowering will lead to significantly improved results is worked out. This proposal is based on gathered information of the existing plant. In addition to technical aspects the financial perspectives are also considered.
  • Project funding; Before a project is implemented, the project-finance must be arranged. Plexus has the opportunity within the group to introduce a project for funding.
  • Project execution; Basic and detail engineering, purchasing of equipment, construction, commissioning and aftercare are effectuated under the direction of Plexus.

All employees are bound to secrecy to protect your and our interests.

Your partner in Green Earth Bio Energy
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