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Innovations mean take actions

Climate change, reduction of greenhouse gasses, CO2 reduction, public opinion and political measures force us to rethink and innovate in the short term. It is striking that political visions often do not correspond to reality. As a result, no attention is paid to what is actually possible in 2022 in the technical field of biogenic fermentation.

Our Goal
Bringing new attention to bio-fermentation based on advanced techniques in order to make a positive contribution to climate policy. This also involves a very critical look at the biomass available as input.

Plexus has specialized in the efficient use of hydraulic fermenters.
The advantage of our technique is that 100% biomass is utilized by a self-sustaining bacterial culture, so that there are no undigested residues.

In addition to the digester technology, the correct treatment of the biomass and optimal process control also contribute to the production of a high-quality biogas.
The CH4 (Methane) portion of the biogas is generally between 62 and 65%.

Plexus Energy BV guides your ambitions from idea to realization.

Based on waste flows, we apply the following principles: No fresh of edible Feed or Food products in the fermenter; No unnecessarily long transport routes....

Repowering: Innovating in existing Plants
It can be rewarding to take a close look at both the technology and the biomass of an existing plant. After all, 10 year old research and analyses results no longer apply.
Our principal here is that the components of the existing installation will be reused as much as possible in a new concept.
In addition, the design will take into account the fact that a different type of biomass will be used, so that fresh and edible feed or food products are excluded.
In the case of repowering, we shall strive to stay within the existing permit limits as much as possible.

New Build
In the case of new construction, in addition to the input and the technology, attention will be paid to the destination of the biogas.
Depending on the possibilities on location, it may be attractive to upgrade the biogas to natural gas quality and feed it into the natural gas network or, after upgrading, to deliver it directly to a private consumer on location.
The amount of energy generated depends on which and how much biomass is available on site (or can reasonably be brought on site by transport).
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