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Politics must rethink!... Or will Europe continue until a disastrous (energy) crisis....

In the past, governments have stimulated several projects aimed at alternative energy production through subsidies. For a number of plants the subsidy has now expired, resulting in several companies beeing deeply in debt.

Politicians can make their contribution through efficient regulations and by shortening endless procedures.

In focus of the current crisis situation regarding gas supplies, politicians are once again getting attention for bioenergy; The theme "Green Gas" is currently high on the political agenda.

Stirrer Fermenters
It is not of this day and age that bio fermenters use fresh and edible feed or food products such as maize or beets to make energy, while many people in the world still have hardly anything to eat.

By ripening the energy maize for a few weeks longer instead of reaping it for energy production, it can be sold on the free market as a food product.
In addition, this frequently used technique of stirrer fermenters is far from optimal and outdated. Too much energy-rich biomass is lost as leftover.

More efficient techniques
There are more efficient fermenter techniques on the market......

These requires a little more investment, and yet the technical and ecological advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages. The use of hydraulic digesters is a good example of this.

China in 2022
The attached photo (no adaption!) shows the biogenic natural gas factory near Shangzhi in China. This is one example of the sustainable application of biogas production among many that have been realized on a large scale in 2022.

This plant continuously produces 33 MW of natural gas energy per hour (288 TW per year!) based on the fermentation of rice straw and manure on an area of 3 ha.

The biogas is cleaned and upgraded to natural gas quality. The gas is fed into the natural gas network. This amount of energy is good for approximately 40,000 households. Previously, the rice straw was burned, with all the ecological consequences that entailed.

The Natural gas network in the Netherlands
The Netherlands have a well-equipped natural gas network. Almost every corner of the country can be supplied with natural gas. Using the example from Shangzhi, we could also reuse the natural gas network in the Netherlands.
A solution in which the existing infrastructure can be used and huge investments in a hydrogen network can be evaded.

Germany wants to focus entirely on renewable energy, mainly from solar, wind and biomass, and is currently phasing out the input of nuclear energy. The current nuclear power plants operate according to a very outdated principle. It will take years to develop newer and less dangerous techniques.

By means of the Erneuerbareenergiegesetz (EEG) Germany has introduced legislation and regulations that clarify the use of the infrastructure and the level of the fees for the suppliy of sustainable energy;
An example of how it could also be regulated in the Netherlands and other countries within the EU for the generation and supply of renewable energy.

Fact: Together we produce thousands of tons of biomass per hour, while leaving that enormous energy potential untapped. Bio-fermenters are interesting if they are used efficiently. They will also serve as a necessary buffer in addition to wind and solar energy to guarantee the energy supply.

Experts in Renewable Energy
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